Peace Land General Trading (LLC), Dubai, UAE

The Group has substantial employees on its rolls at various local and overseas locations. The overall activities of the Group are controlled from its Corporate Office in Dubai, Peace Land General Trading LLC, which has an apex body of well-experienced and professionally qualified Senior Managers & Executives functioning under the direct leadership of the Group Chairman, who keeps himself constantly updated on strategic management and business scenario changes.

The Group has witnessed rapid growth in the last two decades as our operations have extended into several industries. Peace Land General Trading is established in Dubai to guarantee a smooth business operation across the board and acts as the governing body to create cohesion amongst the different branches and brands that are under our ownership.  Dubai is an international financial and geographical hub, suitable to meet new customers, find alternative suppliers, and hire competent employees. Thus, it is under this notion that we opened our corporate office in Dubai and after assessing the results, our decision has made us proud.

We undertook a series of internal and external evaluations to see the forecast of the ratio between risk and profitability and we are very optimistic about the future of this country and our company. The attractiveness of the industries that we are involved with is increasing and our market shares are growing in parallel. The corporate office will continue to operate under a meritocratic culture in order to remain grounded and innovative. Innovation is an integral part of the company and employees are encouraged to come up with smart solutions that can solve operations and other business challenges.

The senior management and the Group’s Chairman have organized the company with a formal chain of command to accomplish the mission and the goal of the company promptly. We keep up with modern management practices as the company strives to become the leading Eritrean firm based in Dubai.


Peace Land General Trading L.L.C is a cooperate office in Dubai, U.A.E.

Nasir Square, Jesco Supermaket Building,  Flat #107, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 2517488,
Fax:  +971 4 2517936