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LELTY General Trading is a well-established company that provides numerous construction and building materials. LELTY General Trading represents several prominent household brands in the industry. Our business footprint extends into two continents and four nations: U.A.E, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, & Uganda. Our products entail:

Electrical Supplies & Power Tools

Our longevity in the industry is the backbone of our pride and speaks volume of the integrity, accountability, and professionalism that our company displays every day whilst engaging with clients and business associates.

Safety Products & Hardware Tools

The safety gears that we provide play a crucial role in preserving workers safety in industries that requires a lot of manpower. The set of industries include the following: Hospitality- hotels and resorts, Automotive, Glass Cement, Steel, Construction, and other industries which hazardous materials are handled.

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Our Companies

Peace Land General Trading (LLC), Dubai, UAE

Peace Land General Trading LLC is a corporate office located in the heart of Dubai’s market place, Deira. Peace Land General Trading LLC Dubai is established as a representative of the Group. Dubai is a major hub and we take advantage of this great opportunity. We have well-trained employees and forthright business associates that have contributed greatly to the success of the firm.

Peace Land General Trading LLC, FreeTown, Sierra Leone

Peace Land General trading LLC, Freetown, Sierra Leone is part of Adal family Group of Companies established in the year 2017. We are proud partners to the various building materials brands needs of the country through different sectors. Peace Land General Trading LLC facility is located in hear of the capital Sierra Leone, Freetown.

LELTY General Trading LLC, Juba, South Sudan

LELTY General Trading, LLC, Juba-South Sudan is the largest construction materials supplier in the country. Through time we have carefully crafted a successful business plan that understands the customer demand and acts accordingly to meet them. South Sudan is a young nation going through a radical transformation and we are at the core of the transformation. We provide the necessary electric materials, construction equipment and heavy machinery to facilitate the process.

LELTY General Trading LLC, Kampala, Uganda

LELTY General Trading, LLC, Kampala will include various products from different household brands. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and ethical business practices as we embark on a new mission in Kampala. Our long business record and experience creates a sense of trust and comfort for our clients and business associates. It is indispensable for the company to be part of society and adhere to its social norms in order to create a harmonious environment in our establishment and its surroundings.

Peace Land General Trading L.L.C is a cooperate office in Dubai, U.A.E.

Nasir Square, Jesco Supermaket Building,  Flat #107, Deira, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 2517488,
Fax:  +971 4 2517936